Haunted Mountain


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The long awaited New Album featuring eight blistering tracks of savage quality. Deluxe edition CD available at Amazon or digital download at iTunes and these other fine retailers : Apple music | eMusic | Google Play | Rdio | Medianet | Rhapsody | iHeart Radio | Spotify | Tidal | Deezer | XBox Live


released July 10, 2015




all rights reserved


RISE Phillipsburg, New Jersey

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Track Name: Perdurabo
All the trials
breed the stealers
All the Dreamers
give you head
Near the river
come a Lady
I’m as High
as she do wet
Evil Sinners
Come Alone
On the Hill
found Its Way
Built a Hill
and found There Satan
on the river bed
Track Name: Growl
Only you would find a Way
Less seen will find All Time
Only he will find a Way
who said
“Leave it all behind.”
Born Insider left to weigh
the bitter sound of you
Better than you,
sent off her land
Bound to say we’re through
O yeah

O now you Know x3

If only you would find a Way
They say you’re burning time
And the heat sent a feeling
Better, he’ll feel Light
It’s on a Hill, the Sea we’re In
Beetle found the world tired
Bound to the Hill,
the healed will bleed
Venus on the wane - Aw yeah

Well now you Know x3

Born to heal
The sign will save me they say
if I follow the line
Found a Hill, Silent One
The Way don’t rhyme - yeah
Sign of Tan, the will it Sees
Set a youth in light - Star!
Kind of love, its kind of love

So now you Know x3

Only you will find a Way
Let the sign obey their time
Born to heal will find the One
buried every time - yeah
Out of the hell of rust and ruin,
Beetle found the Warrior
Only you decide
the Worst and Night
O now you Know

O now you Know x3

Born to hell
was out here slaying
Barren old there sighing
Bound to hell,
the weary seen with nails
Out of the wild, the Final Way
Sent he, sent I, fit through
Bound to hell,
the hardest saint he aint

This one is you x2
O now you Know,
this one is you

Born to hell,
will others lay down?
Happens every time
I own a hell with yesterdays
Be there with only time

I Know One
Fear you want for again
I you are
Say you were a friend
Aw may you end

Born into It
Want it to End x2

And I wanted You
Track Name: Foe
One time to let It In
and you’ll be Born
And two will let it Go
and try the Stone
Both tried to play the Light
Thought two was You
Burned eyes to settle One
I wanted You
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
All white now yeah

One time I knew a Rite
What’s due is due
If deals bought a light
I need it too
Burned eyes to send Along
there through a scene

Get Along
Track Name: Until
Like the rain
falling down
Like the rain
All I know

Beside the rain
roaming Higher
was my home
Glad to go
where I Know

Round the Sun
born of Freedom
O yeah
Ride to hide
on my own

Feel the Ride
getting colder
O my love,
like the rain
coming down

Get It On Now

Some would say,
I’ve been clearer
Like the rain
coming down

And you will
find me in the rain
Dancing with a fear
that has no Name

And you will
take me in your light
Love me and I’ll heal
the sad and lame

Ride to Reign
Becoming queerer
O yeah
Like the rain
coming down
Like the rain
getting closer
O yeah
I am Here
by your side

What’s my Name?
Track Name: Limbo
While you tune
I found two In
Pay the prone
assigned to wail
Born, the tangled breath
did in
For It will save you
from this Air
A little value from Nowhere

While your Tonal packs It In
Balance Here
who bore the sane
Passing you with a fact did In
A little sign you brought you say
By little waters Seer do warn
Go little tiny sin
Yeah ~
Go ~

While your Tonal hides in Height
Burn your soul to piece It In
Burn the Seer who profits you
Of little value is self control
A little birdie seen who Ride
A little pain will see more fire
A little till form your love
Track Name: Was
Build my heart
in the valley of the Madness
And I know
lord, my yearn, is for you

Build my heart
in the valley of the desperate
And I know
I burnt my years there
for you

Were my hands
born admirers of the Cycles,
worth my years,
brought my fears There
for you

Build my heart
There’s a Pawnee
born under It
There’s just One
Fear this Place
oh my love

So give me
all the Speech of a Sun Rose
Where my love,
where my Love was for you

Build my Hand
in the glade of the Season
And I know, and I Know
its for you

This is me,
Born and dated,
Born in hiding - yeah
And I know, and I Know
Its for you

Bending hard -
We’re on the Field
breaking down - yeah

Burn my soul
Burn my Soul
Just for...
Track Name: Rider
I got a wind, a Wind
that saves the world
That ends the same long

Pray I love
Pray I Love

I got a wind, a Wind
the scene will fall to
Instead I’ll Stand Tall

Say you -
Pray I Love

And when you’re There
you’ll find a saint or bone,
a place that we Go
All Hands deal On

Say I love

And I won’t tear you on It
Face the war
the world has saddened

Burn ‘em all
They alone

And you will hide your soul
that plays you games
and sit down and worm in
And hide their flame

O’er the Tonal
where you say the words
“Life aint no good.”

Say I love
Say I Love you

I would higher the sound of
the way you answer, “Hello”
I have a photograph of you

I will attain a World
within a world, so long

Say I love
Pray I Love you
Track Name: Storm
Water's on your Wheels
that go Riding
through the Field
You’re making mud
O yeah

We don’t wanna fight
just take your mouth
into the Light and let it Go
I love You

See your pretty face
turning old
You are no precious Stone

You’re horney but alone
Sand of time will bind her
he will find

Gonna save the world

Wild fire, worse in the fields
and I’m trying
to build a World,
my girl Home

The one who failed,
he’s a saint
I’m tired of living
in a fantasy world

You lost sight of It
and he’ll feel cross
Warn of a sign
All We do see the Devil In
Warn the Final Hawk
Rend, seal
Torn, the way to Learn

Born the final sin

Go Higher
Born a scion
All that had a head
You roam

Wild man
will sing of battle, find Eleven,
paint insane and Know
O yeah

You wanna pay for your bag
and say you found
this little bottle in the Stone
Oh that makes you Go

Word of Mind,
I’m born to sing
or live or battle
until, unto I Die

Burned by the Hill climb
those who say
you wanna die - yeah

Oh, they tie you in
and then they’ll pull you out
Born to feel the walls
Oh, that always surround
Go another Way
and another World
you’ll Become